Branding is more than just a logo. Branding is everything that will ensure your company or organisation is recognisable. From colour scheme to typography, getting the branding of your company right is key to success. So how do we go about branding?

Research! My background is in research and development and this is what we lean on to get branding right. How in depth do we go? Take our Chester Romans case study for example. In order to land on a correct colour red for the Romans, extensive research was conducted on the red used by Roman soldiers, which led to articles showing the red dye created from crushed beetles, which ultimately turns into a more crimson red than the bright red they were often aiming for.

With our research and your guidelines and ideas, we’ll develop a brand that resonates positively amongst your customer base and beyond, helping to bring in a new audience.

What makes us different though? We won’t just produce your branding and then let you fend for yourself (unless you want to!). We’ll offer guidance on when and how to use different branding elements that we produce for you and even offer social media management should you require it!

Talk to us.

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