About Me

I’m Nathan James Sharrocks, a Lancashire-based designer and developer.

I love taking people’s ideas for their project, business or cause and getting creative to produce an attractive, user-friendly web space for them.

Having graduated with a first class degree in Web Design & Development, I went on to post-graduate research, completing a Master of Research by investigating the ways that users explore interfaces on the web.

I’ve worked for a couple of digital marketing agencies, which led me to begin to learn how to get the designs and builds that I’d completed seen.

Away from the web, I’m a big American football fan, having played and coached in the British American Football leagues.

I’m also a big conservationist and rewilder, working with various charities in my spare time.

njshar.rocks and dog

Taking the plunge…

I’ve been skirting around starting this site up for a while, using it as a little base to work on some CSS and JS techniques that I then go on to use in my daily work. So if you’ve ever come to this site before now, you’ve probably seen some strange stuff on it! I’m ... Read more

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