Taking the plunge…

July 15, 2022

I’ve been skirting around starting this site up for a while, using it as a little base to work on some CSS and JS techniques that I then go on to use in my daily work. So if you’ve ever come to this site before now, you’ve probably seen some strange stuff on it!

I’m Nathan James Sharrocks, a trained web designer and developer based in rural Lancashire. I’ve worked for several digital marketing agencies in various roles and completed a Masters of Research in Web Design & Development, with research based around user interaction with web interfaces.

But that’s dull! I enjoy my work. Taking an idea from birth to a fully-produced, functional web project is a brilliant feeling, as is conducting marketing and branding that sees a business, organisation, team or charity build from strength to strength. I get a real rush when somebody is drawn to use a business or join a team because they saw branding that I’d created.

So I’m going to attempt to keep this up-to-date with my latest projects and forays in the marketing/web world. I’m currently available for freelance work, so please do contact me to get your ideas underway!

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