All IN Coaching

April 2022

July 2022

All IN Coaching approached me for some general branding help, but with some firm ideas already established. I helped hone these ideas and developed a web presence as somewhere to display All IN Coaching’s services and to advertise to the local area.

Project Type

Branding, Development, Social Media Consultation


All IN Coaching (photography)

All IN Coaching was set up recently for an experienced American football coach to use his skills to help improve a new client base in the sport. A web presence was required!

With the ability to rapidly grow and offer new services such as training camps, future-proofing on he site was a requirement, and thus the majority of the site is built using Advanced Custom Fields to allow the client to add, edit and delete services, testimonials and other content as required. Due to the nature of the services offered, the USPs were important to display prominently, advertising that All IN Coaching have the relevant qualifications, whilst location was also a key inclusion in the top part of the site.

Colour Scheme – The colour scheme was pretty much decided before All IN Coaching approached me, with red, black and white the requirement. Two variations of red were used, a fairly bright red to be bold and signify strength, and a darker red to give the feeling of depth. A gold was also selected and used sparingly throughout the site, which not only breaks up the red and adds a different colour to relax the eyes somewhat, but also resembles winners, the exact message that All IN Coaching wants to convey.

Typography – The Forever Freedom font was used for headings, again giving off the idea of strength and boldly communicating the message required, whilst Raleway was selected for main body text. Whilst clean and easy to read, Raleway has the fun and playful feel that targets All IN’s main demographic.

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