Under Construction

First post then. Here we go.

Njshar.rocks is evolving as it’s being developed. What originally started as my web design and development portfolio is turning into something a little more personal. I was always taught not to do that, evolve a site on-the-fly. But this site is an experiment so let’s see how it goes. Each page and each section on that page is thought out and designed as a nod to something about me.

At this moment in time, my work has yet to be uploaded and the pages to hold my work have yet to be designed. The blog posts page too, lies waiting to be developed. But at the same time, I’m not sure this site will ever be “complete”.

The site itself is kept simple and minimalistic, with a typewriter-style font and mainly black and white colouring, as a throwback to my love of writing and reading. The logo, a minimalistic magpie, matches the black and white theme but includes red (a link to my American football team, the Chester Romans), blue and green (the colours of the sea, sky and land to represent my love of nature). The magpie itself represents my love of birds and animals as a whole, as well as my ties to the city of Newcastle.

I plan on utilising the blog too, writing about web design sometimes and about my personal life others, maybe. Let’s see how it goes.

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