I’m currently a month away from my final deadline of my Master of Research (MRes) degree. It’s essentially a mini-thesis, 30,000 words, surrounding generous browsing interfaces in the Digital Cultural Heritage field. But I’ve talked enough about that there.

Working four days per week as a web developer and taking on a research degree was always going to be a challenge, but I’m not sure I realised what a challenge it would be. The last two months have been a real struggle, battling with the limitations that the Covid-19 Pandemic has put in place of reaching the goals of the research, often overcoming one barrier only to be hit by another. Every one of my personal deadlines have been pushed back, sometimes multiple times, as delays outside of my control have hurt the timescales.

But I’m getting there. The word count is rising and the to-do-list items are tumbling.

I’m looking forward to completing it at this point, and then putting more work into this site and adding more writing and content to this site. I’m looking forward to having a day off. And, surprisingly, I’m looking forward to planning my next piece of research.

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